Sulabh Ilaj

We have developed a web based application called “सुलभ इलाज' which analyse the individual clinical and medical health data, Predicts the individual health risk or need and provide access to appropriate healthcare services which they need, through government, non-government and some private schemes like PMJAY, MPJAY, Sanjeevani Telemedicine, Generic Medicine, Insurance scheme, unsecured Medical loan etc. like Doctor consultation, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medicine, Post Treatment Follow-up etc. And this have unique features like, easy accessibility, user data security, easy and quick back-ups, allows real-time updates etc. and apart from software we also provide a Human Intervention to coordinate with users to make sure to get appropriate healthcare services suggested through our software platform.

How it Works


  • 1) Health Coordinator Registration & Training

    Field health coordinator need to register on the web platform to get access to the web application they will get the appropriate training on how to use this software and different Diseases Clinical Symptoms and Medical Conditions

  • 2) User Health Problem Recording

    After registration Field Health Coordinator will get access to User Health problem recording Window, Coordinators will Record the users Medical Data like different Disease cases or their clinical symptoms

  • 4) Access to Healthcare services

    Health coordinator will help to the patients end to end to get appropriate healthcare services suggested through government enplaned hospitals


  • 1) Disease Screening & Government Scheme Information

    We support our Field health coordinator to organise the Onsite Disease Screening Camp or suggest patients to do the screening at nearest Government Diagnostic center, further we guide to patient to prepare required document file to apply for the scheme to get treatment under NPCB, MJPJAY, PMJAY and such other government schemes .

  • 3) Post Treatment Follow-up

    We do Post treatment follow-up with patients through our Telemedicine platform, people don’t require to travel for the post treatment follow-up, He/ She gets doctor consultation at the village itself.

Registered User
Access to Saas Window